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Sunplex - Mulit Purpose 3W High Power LED Diving Light
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Sunplex - Mulit Purpose 3W High Power LED Diving Light

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SKU: MPL-918

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Brand: GMM
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SUNPLEX - Multi Purprose Light
3W High Power Flashlight (150 lumens)
Designed & Made in Taiwan

The product has obtained patent right and CE verification


  • Home
  • Mountain
  • Night Activities
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Drive
  • Bicycle
  • Diving
  • Fire-fighting
  • Security
  • Construction Site
  • Accidents site
  • Traffic commanding and emergency


 Colour: Black, Yellow, Green and Orange

Product Functions:

  • Focus Beam (Far distance illuminating)
    The lighting source focuses in the front, efficient lighting distance is 50 meters. (as Flashlight)
  • Spatial Beam (Space illuminating)
    The lighting disperses to all directions, efficient lighting distance is 5 meters. (as Camping light)
  • Strobe Light (Flashing illuminating)
    The lighting source illuminates intermittently (as Warning light) Recognizable distance: Front - 500 meters. Side - 200 meters
  • Fine-tuning Focus
    By turning the Clear Cover, the focus beam can actually be adjusted
  • Filter Beam (Multi-colored illuminator)
    The light can be filtered through different colored lens for different lighting purpose. In order to strength the lighting recognizing effect. (from white light change to red or blue….light)
  • Removable magnet
    The magnet can be removed to fit the needs of different shape of objects
  • Alrtight waterproofing
    The product is airtight waterproof and can be used in the water with water resistance guaranteed.(as diving light) Waterproof depth of 25 meters
  • High impact strength
    This product is made by high impact strength material to resist to break by normal falling or throwing down or bumping,
  • Easy to carry (Multi-Funtion of use way)
    The product is designed to be handle easily, it can be attached to magnetic object by magnet, can be tied up, can be hitched, can be Hanged.


  • Material: Heat-resisant, impact-resistant plastic material.
  • Size: dia 50mm X L 118mm (Column type), L 148mm After extended
  • Weight: 120g (included battery 180g)
  • Bulb material: 3W high power LED (By USA chip)
  • Power: 3 X AA cells (Battery Not Included)
  • Duration:
    Full illumination-over continuous 60 hours.
    Flashing light-over continuus 80 hours.
  • Note:
    1. The above duration can be obtained by using alkaline cell only.
    2. The illumination will diminished gradually by power loss.

Included with the kit:

  • 3W LED Flashlight
  • TEADY(Bicycle Bracket)
  • 2 spare o-ring
  • Hand lanyard
  • User Manual