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Fantasea Line - Blue Ray Single Tray
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Fantasea Line - Blue Ray Single Tray

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Brand: Fantasea Line
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Fantasea Line - Blue Ray Single Tray

The Fantasea Blue Ray Tray allows integrating different components in an underwater photo system, including the camera housing, arms, strobes, lights, lens holders and more.

Made from anodized aluminum, this sturdy tray was designed for optimal functionality and ease of operation.

It is compatible with almost all compact digital housings, including Fantasea, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Ikelite, Sea&Sea and more.

The Blue Ray Single Tray includes one T1 Connector which allows for mounting one Flex Arm on the tray.

A Blue Ray Tray Extension (Cat. No. 2045) is available for upgrading the Blue Ray Single Tray to a Blue Ray Double Tray later on. This extension plate is easy to assemble and enables mounting a second Flex Arm. The Double Blue Ray Tray allows for the integration of additional accessories in the system, such as external flashes, lights and more.

 Complete Compact Digital Housing Accessory System
(Note: all the accessories are for show only, not for sales except stay slot tray)